Jigglr - Dating App

Dating App with a Gaming Dimension. Play, Break the Ice, Date.

This is a Dating app to celebrate your individuality. It is an app for those who know they're unique, and want to rejoice in the uniqueness of others.
We've created a system designed to help you break the ice with others based on ideas and thoughts before clearly viewing their pictures. Not a single boring conversation takes place on Jigglr!
So sign up, play our game, and get to know each other. Then Jigglr will take care of the rest !

Like To Flirt ?

If you like flirting, then Jigglr is the app for you. So It is an app that is different than all the rest. So If you are take yourself too seriously perhaps you are better suited for another app. Hence Jigglr is the one app you will need if you are after some light hearted fun, while finding that date, one night stand, or your soulmate!

Ultimate Ice Braking.

Breaking the ice and getting beyond small talk has never been made easier. So Jigglr is unique in that the experience encapsulates the thrills of unwrapping someone that sparks your interest in a game like setting. And every encounter will be a unique experience. Thus gone is the age of soporific swiping, tedious intros, and machine like operation in the quest for something as simple as finding a drinking buddy, a hot dinner date, or a warm house visitor for those cold winter days 🙂

Game not chore.

Jigglr seeks to facilitate liaisons that could be spoilt by something as simple as being nervous. So it cleverly gets you to a comfortable starting point. More importantly Jigglr makes app dating less of a chore, and more of a fun and fruitful game, which will amaze, and transform modern concepts of dating.


The app will both revolutionize modern day dating, while bringing back ‘the magic’ which technology has eroded. Such is the programming and ingenuity, that we have used technology to address those ‘je ne sais quoi’ issues that grieve us all about mobile app dating.

Sharing is caring.

Sharing is caring, and you will tell those you care about “you have to try out Jigglr, it is something else!” Hence those that are averse to mobile app dating may find that Jigglr alters consciousness! So those that are studs of the mobile app dating world will jockey nowhere else, as Jigglr provides the liveliest, most thrilling, adrenaline rush rallying track. In short, Jigglr is not for the faint hearted, nor is it for losers. So if you are here you have got guts, and you are up for playing and winning!