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We want to discourage you from using Jigglr if you’re below 18 and/or not considered an adult in your country. While Jigglr is a friendly application to help people connect and create human relationships, we cannot guarantee that there will not be adult content present in your interactions with others within this platform, and we can only regulate behaviour upon reports.

Part of the Jigglr game and its mystique is that you can only see them after you’ve interacted with them and they’ve interacted with you by answering questions. This is meant to help you break the ice, make conversations, and boost your chances of having a great time within our app. By all means, get playing if you want to see who’s behind each puzzled picture!

By all means, send us a message using the Support box on the right! We are a relatively new app handled by a small team, so we’re always interested in our users’ experience, and quick to work towards fixing whatever we need to.

After you answer someone’s question, they’ll get a notification letting them know. Now, it’s their turn to answer one of yours! Once they do, you’ll get a notification as well, and you’ll both be able to exchange messages and files, as well as see each others’ pictures. After answering two questions, playing a unique game, and seeing each other for the first time, you’re more than likely to have something to talk about!

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